Transcription FAQ

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How does a client send work to be performed?

We accept work via an internet online ftp site such as, or or, if a small file, by email attachment. Transcripts are returned as email attachments in “.doc”  or “.wpd” file format.

Turn-around time varies based on formatting requested, audio quality, length, and complexity of audio to be transcribed. Rush jobs require an additional fee.

Transcription Types:

Definition of Verbatim:
Transcribing word for word including,
but not limited to:
– um’s, er’s, I mean’s, you know’s, like’s, etc.
– repeated words
– stutters
– reaction sounds (i.e., laugh, cough, sigh, clap, etc.)
– partial words (i.e., someth-,)

Definition of Smart Copy
Without changing words or sentence structure
– Transcribe exactly what is said without any um’s, er’s, stutters, or false starts.
– Correct grammar (i.e., gonna =going to)
– No “And” sentence starters

Transcription Note Terminology
1. [inaudible] = cannot make out a word
2. [inaudible words] = several words can not be made out
3. [speaking simultaneously-inaudible] = overlapping speakers
4. [spelling] = unknown spelling of a word
5. [sounds like] = phonetic guess
6. [foreign] = foreign language spoken
7. = audio interference in the audio.
8. = a break in the audio
9. [makes sound] = audible non-word utterance

Formats and Media
We can accept virtually any format and have experience with the ones listed below:
.wma (Windows)
.wmv (Windows)
.mov (QuickTime)
.vmx .vms

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