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Outsourcing a Kindle Book

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Want to write a book and publish it for the Kindle but don’t know where to start or don’t have the time?

James Jones and Rachel Rofe have come up with a course called Outsourcing a Kindle Book. Through April 19 it’s only $7.00. The price goes up after that. You can check it out here:

They’ll Tell You Everything You Need To Know.

They can show you:

  • How to get your Kindle books written for a FRACTION of what everyone else is paying… and handed back to you FASTER…
  • How to find best-of-the-best writers WITHOUT wading through hundreds of job postings…
  • The BEST ways to communicate with your writers to get them extremely happy to deliver you world-class work…
  • SPECIFIC ways to post job ads so that only the best of the best respond to you…
  • Where to find MBA-educated, U.S.-based writers for pennies on the dollar
  • How you can be stone cold positive — before you ever hire someone — that they’ll do a GREAT job for you.
  • …and a LOT more.

There’s a lot of golden information that a lot of people have just NO idea about.

Even If You Have
‘Specialized Knowledge’…
Outsourcing Will STILL Work For You.

A lot of people think they’re unique. That they have specialized knowledge. That people can’t simply speak for them, or “get” their voice, or whatever else.

But the truth is you can still have outsourcers writing top-notch Kindle books for you… all in YOUR voice, with YOUR material… even if you’ve never written a word in your life.

(Or if you don’t want to write another word in your life.)

They’ll show you exactly how you can do that.

You’ll Also Learn All The
‘Ninja’ Tricks Most People
Have NO Clue About.

For example, there are ways you can pre-screen people that most people have never even considered.

I’m talking… giving people quizzes before they even write a word for you.

Making them go through training material before you hire them.

And a LOT more.

They’re teaching you everything.

And they’ve put everything into one super-comprehensive course, handed to you on a silver platter…

Introducing: Outsourcing A Kindle Book

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