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FINALLY. . . A Real Solution

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. . . to designing professional-looking book covers quickly (and easily).

There are thousands of case studies that prove a book’s cover can make or break sales. Designing a book cover that really grabs attention is difficult.

You may try outsourcing through places like Fiverr but it’s really time-consuming to find someone who will understand what you truly want and do a great job.

Now there is an quick and easy way for you to create your own really great e-book covers and product covers, without the need for design or technical skills.

Create covers for yourself or create them for others and get paid for it. Check out this new software at the link below.

You’ll see a real life test where complete design novices will attempt to create stunning covers in under 2 minutes!

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Have you seen those whiteboard videos where the hand draws the picture or characters move across the screen and amaze and engage the viewers?

Have you wished you could increase your sales by creating such goodies yourself?

Ever wish you had an easy way to build an entire business by offering something everyone wants?

Well, here it is. Basically, you can pick a video, enter your text, add he features you want with a few clicks, and then hit *build*.

I purchased version 2.0 but this version is even better and is *interactive.*

Find out more here: Easy Sketch 3.0

If you think this is for you, order now at its lowest price.

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My colleague, Kelly McCausey, is once again having her Stretch Yourself Challenge workshop in October. This is a 30-day content marketing challenge with the goal of making your comfort zone a faint memory and your next goal a reality! Each project is set out in a step-by-step fashion.

What will you do in this challenge?

  1. You’ll create and/or re-purpose content.
  2. Engage your market through social media
  3. You’ll step up to embrace your place as a thought leader in your community, partially through Kelly’s daily intimidation crushers.
  4. And so much more

The regular price for this workshop is $97 but you can save 50% if you use coupon code: EarlyForOct

Check it out now before the discount for early registration goes away. It’s only $48.50 with the above code.

==> Stretch Yourself Challenge Workshop

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How Can This Be Only $17?

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How can this be only $17? That’s the question people have been asking
after seeing this special offer.

I admit, it does seem crazy to give away the farm for such a small
amount, but there is something important you can learn from this…

The best kind of email list you can have is a customer list. And
the best kind of customer list you can have is one which you’ve
over-delivered to. You know – a list of happy customers ready to
buy from you again.

Ron Douglas wants to help as many customers as possible. That is
why he’s releasing his Five Dollar Post system for only $17 for a
short period of time. And that is why you need to grab it before
the offer expires:

==> $5 Posts

Once you learn how to build a tribe of happy customers, you can
literally write your own ticket. Ron has been doing it since 2001
and those very skills that he’s about to teach you has propelled
his career like crazy!

I’m talking mainstream success with appearances on Good Morning
America, Fox and Friends, NBC News, Home Shopping Network. Not to
mention selling over 1.4 million books with Simon & Schuster.

That’s no typo – over ONE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND darn books
and ebooks from the huge audience he was able to build.

This is the guy you want to learn from when it comes to list
building and the Facebook opportunity is still wide open.

Get all the details now at: $5 Posts

To Your Success,


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Manage WordPress with Central Hub

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Control and manage all your WordPress websites from one spot. It is so annoying to have to log in and out and in and out of each site just to make a couple changes. This saves so much time and aggravation. If you have 5 sites or fewer to manage, this will cost you only $17.00 now (later it’s going to be $27). For a 25-site license it is only $17.43 (right now, later it will be $97).

==> WP Central Hub

You owe it to yourself to check this out. It will save you so much time! There is even a 45-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with it.

Check it out soon before the prices go up which could be any time.

==> WP Central Hub

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